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  • Vessel AMGM3303 a Cygnus GM33 now completed for John Burnett of Wick

Vessel AMGM3303 a Cygnus GM33 now completed for John Burnett of Wick

Cygnus GM33
Cygnus GM33
Cygnus GM33
Cygnus GM33
Cygnus GM33

Anderson Marine has completed a new Cygnus GM33 vessel for John Burnett of Wick. John commissioned the boat in the middle of the summer last year (2010) and is now ready to take delivery of his new vessel.

The black coloured boat was in the end an 80% fit -out that includes fuel tanks and hydraulic tank, shaft, skeg and keel band and hard plastic gunnels.

There is also a stainless steel protection plate on the starboard side and stainless steel rails throughout.

The wheelhouse as with all the features of the boat has been fitted out to an exceptional standard and all of this was well received by John  on his regular visits to the Peterhead boat shed during the production phase.

Jimmy Anderson said: "We are extremely proud of the quality of this vessel built for John. The production phase has been very straightforward and as this was one of the first vessels to be manufactured in the new extended boat-shed we are seeing the immediate benefits of the investment made in improving our production capacity."

The photographs below show some of the key features of vessel AMGM3303 as it is loaded on to the trailer for its journey north to Wick.

Everyone at Anderson Marine wishes John well for the final elements of the fit-out which he is undertaking himself and before launching the boat in the near future.

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